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Marketing & Advertising

FAT BOX has teamed with gaming and hospitality industry leaders who have proven track records in cross-channel engagement and unsurpassed marketing and advertising experience where we deliver...













What makes us more creative than the other guys? Sure it's our work, sure it's our technology knowledge & tools, but more importantly it's our people!! We would be happy to visit you so you can witness for yourself a single creative meeting with our collaborative young geniuses and our old fart experienced minds. FAT BOX is one place where generations come together to create extraordinary media for any medium with your target and brand in mind.


We have a lot of clients ask us for story boards so they feel comfortable that we are all on the same page throughout the entire process of a production. We can still do pencil to paper, but most of the time, when applicable, we create pre-visualizations and animatics at no additional charge to show you where we are coming from. Most importantly though is once we establish budget, we then lay out every single day of production so you know where we both stand when it comes to the project 24/7. We will never miss a deadline with our proven pre-production scheduling and expertise. Period. Script, Boards, Pre-Viz, Casting, Music, Brand Guidelines, Production Locations, Shooting Formats, 3D Special Effects, Motion Graphics Design and Execution, Post Editing, Sound Design, Deliverable Formats, End User Verification and so much more is planned with every i dotted and every t crossed BEFORE we spend a single dime or day in production.

Film/Video Production

Whether you shoot In-Studio or On-Location, on 35mm or HD, we're detail fanatics. Your shoot will be meticulously planned and executed with professional elegance, locally or around the globe. Broadcast & Commercial Television High-end corporate communications, marketing, sales, and image videos Trade show "attract" videos and large-scale event videos Perfected blue and green screen special effects FAT BOX Insert Stage Studio Cepheid Directors of Photography, please note: We prefer you shoot in either 1920x1080, or 1280x720 PROGRESSIVE. For shooting in 1280x720p mode we prefer a frame rate of 59.94. For Shooting in full 1920x1080p mode, we prefer a frame rate of 29.97 As a rule, and as a headache avoidance tool, we prefer to stay away from consumer resolutions like 960x720. These are great for your home movies, but are not designed for high-end video software. Please feel free to consult us before you shoot if you have any questions about format.

Post Editing & Effects

Several high-end edit suites are driven by a talented and savvy group of storytelling editors. Each suite is integrated to the other sharing the Adobe suite of products, taking special effects and multi-layer compositing to an entirely new level. We’ve gone beyond HD for years now so 4k & 6k is definitely a part of our wheelhouse. Green screen keying/tracking special effects compositing multiple real-time layering of 3D animated text and motion graphics, the list goes on and on.

3D Animation & Motion Graphics

Since 1995 we’ve have been accurately animating everything from the molecular level of a cell to a walking talking animated cow, moose, kids, cars and many other characters. We deconstruct machines and devices and we create eye popping 3D imagery for live entertainment events or corporate extravaganzas. We would be very surprised if there was something you could name that we have not animated! Even liquid simulations of wine pouring into a CG crystal glass, towers rising from the ocean or the accurate rendition of how DNA is produced or the proper heart muscle movement as it pumps blood through our body. We really are experts in this stuff and consider modeling, rigging, texturing, lighting and on-time rendering of animation, one of our specialties! 3D animation 2D After Effects motion graphics Compositing and special effects

Print & Collateral

Because FAT BOX built its reputation on moving images it was a natural when our clients asked us to create individual frames for print. Because we know great layout, typography and design we’re able to combine moving and still campaigns with branded consistency. So when you need anything from a conservative magazine ad to a sexy slot topper, FAT BOX is standing by to take you from where you are, to where you want to be.

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