We have a lot of clients ask us for story boards so they feel comfortable that we are all on the same page throughout the entire process of a production. We can still do pencil to paper, but most of the time, when applicable, we create pre-visualizations and animatics at no additional charge to show you where we are coming from. Most importantly though is once we establish budget, we then lay out every single day of production so you know where we both stand when it comes to the project 24/7. We will never miss a deadline with our proven pre-production scheduling and expertise. Period. Script, Boards, Pre-Viz, Casting, Music, Brand Guidelines, Production Locations, Shooting Formats, 3D Special Effects, Motion Graphics Design and Execution, Post Editing, Sound Design, Deliverable Formats, End User Verification and so much more is planned with every i dotted and every t crossed BEFORE we spend a single dime or day in production.